Battleground Division System

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Battleground Division System is a score-based ranked system expressed in a form of Divisions. It comprises five divisions which indicate the skill level of players. Players within each division are ranked using a system of points called Battleground Points (BP).


Unlike the old traditional Battleground Ranking System (where points were earned either losing or winning or by objectives), the Battleground Division System confers points only to the winning team, causing the losing team to lose points. Very similar to the League System of League of Legends only with a few and non-divided divisions.

Game Modes

All game modes require a minimum of 5 players to start.

  • Conquest
  • Rush
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team vs Team
  • Capture the Flag
  • Stone Control


Using @bgdivision to display Battleground Division.
  • @bgranked: Displays the Top 10 Battleground Players.
  • @bgdivision: Shows the Battleground Division on top of the player's head.


Expand to show all available divisions.

Rank Image Division
#1 Bg diamond.png Diamond
#2 Bg platinum.png Platinum
#3 Bg gold.png Gold
#4 Bg silver.png Silver
#5 Bg bronze.png Bronze


Battleground Points (BP) ca be earned or lost on every Battleground Match. Points won or lost differ from the Division you are in or even due to a Winning or Losing Streak.

Battleground Points Table
Unranked Bronze.png Silver.png Gold.png Platinum.png Diamond.png
  • A Winning Streak is three or more consecutive wins and can grant from 3 to 13 additional points per victory.
  • A Losing Streak is three or more consecutive losses and can remove from 3 to 13 points less per defeat.


Excl.png You will start receiving badges once you are in the Bronze.png Bronze Division.

7829.png Valor Badges and 7828.png Bravery Badges are the two reward items that can be obtained in battlegrounds.

An equal number of medals are obtained in all divisions. The winning team receives 25 Valor Badges and 25 Bravery Badges, while the losing team wins 15 of each type.

Match Points

Match points.png Match Points are points earned for each game played, whether lost or won. For each game you will receive 1 point.


Old Telma is located at the Battleground Arena.

You can exchange your Valor and Bravery Badges and Match Points with Old Telma NPC.

  • Consumables are exclusively for Battlegrounds.
Item Battleground
7829.pngValor - 7828.pngBravery
Match points.png Match Points
Weapon 1000 N/A
Armor Armor 800 N/A
Garment 500 N/A
Shoes 500 N/A
Accessory 5000 N/A
Consumables 547.gif White Slim Potion (150) N/A 1
11501.gif Light White Potion (100) N/A 1
11502.gif Light Blue Potion (100) N/A 1
522.gif Mastela Fruit (70) N/A 1
526.gif Royal Jelly (70) N/A 1
14536.gif Abrasive (15) N/A 1
678.gif Poison Bottle (10) N/A 1
7135.gif Bottle Grenade (40) N/A 1
7136.gif Acid Bottle (40) N/A 1
7137.gif Plant Bottle (30) N/A 1
7138.gif Marine Sphere Bottle (30) N/A 1
7139.gif Glistening Coat (25) N/A 1
671.gif Roulette Gold Coin (25) N/A 1
715.gif Yellow Gemstone (50) N/A 1
716.gif Red Gemstone (100) N/A 1
717.gif Blue Gemstone (200) N/A 1
12016.gif Speed Potion (20) N/A 1
1025.gif Cobweb (40) N/A 1
7321.gif Crystal Fragment (25) N/A 1
662.gif Authorative Badge (10) N/A 1
12031.gif Box of Drowsiness (20) N/A 1
12030.gif Box of Resentment (20) N/A 1
12029.gif Box of Gloom (20) N/A 1
12072.gif Whole Roast (3) N/A 1
12077.gif Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea (3) N/A 1
12082.gif Sumptuous Feast (3) N/A 1
12087.gif Steamed Alligator with Vegetable (3) N/A 1
12092.gif Soul Haunted Bread (3) N/A 1
12097.gif Assorted Shish Kebob (3) N/A 1
12114.gif Elemental Converter[Fire] (15) N/A 1
12115.gif Elemental Converter[Water] (15) N/A 1
12116.gif Elemental Converter[Earth] (15) N/A 1
12117.gif Elemental Converter[Wind] (15) N/A 1
12319.gif Rune Strawberry Cake (10) N/A 1
12320.gif Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee (10) N/A 1
12321.gif Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich (10) N/A 1
12299.gif Mega Resist Potion (5) N/A 1