Beginner Adventures

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Miniquests are displayed on the Quest Window (Opened via Alt+U) in the Quest tab.

Beginner Adventures is a custom and unique feature of Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online which consists in a series of miniquests for newly-joined players that aims to enhance the early game experience through short and rewarding missions.

Mission Board

Excl.png Missions are account-bound and the first character to be created and logged into the game, will be the holder.

There will be a Mission Board on each available location. People across the map will ask for favors, and completing it gives a small exp and progress to the map mission board.

Filling 100% of the mission board, makes it give a reward to the player upon talking to it. Map quests are not doable after the quest board is completed.

Message Window
Mission q.png


There are currently six different maps on which the board is located, fully accessible to new players.

  • Prontera
  • Prontera Field 08
  • Prontera Field 05
  • Izlude
  • Morocc
  • Morocc Field 01

Completion Rewards

Image Name Effect Mission Board
Strawberry juice box.png
Strawberry Juice Box Contains 50x Strawberry Juice. Prontera
Exp box.png
bEXP Box Gives a considerable amount of Base Experience Points depending on your level. Prontera Field 08
Job box.png
jEXP Box Gives a considerable amount of Job Experience Points depending on your level. Prontera Field 05
Elixir box.png
Elixir Box Contains 4x Elixirs with extraordinary power. Izlude
Zeny bag.png
Zeny Bag Gives a random amount of Zeny. Morocc
??? ??? Morocc Field 01