Bounty Chests

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Bounty Chests is a custom and unique feature of Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online which consists of treasure chests housing unique, high-value consumable items.

Bounty Chests

The Bounty Chests hold various items (mostly consumables) to promote exploration and uninterrupted training in the most popular and adventurous dungeons.

Bounty Chest located in Payon Cave F1.


Respawn time

There is no specific duration or coordinate in which they can reappear, however, their respawn time will not be revealed to prevent camping.

Respawn areas

Currently there are 34 dungeons where coffers can respawn. They occur randomly in any level of the following dungeons:

Abyss Lake Dungeon Juperos Ruins
Amatsu Dungeon Kiel Robot Factory
Ant Hell Lou Yang Dungeon
Ayothaya Ancient Shrine Magma Dungeon
Beach Dungeon Moscovia Dungeon
Bio Laboratory Nameless Island
Brasilis Dungeon Odin Temple
Byalan Island Dungeon Orc Dungeon
Clock Tower Payon Cave
Coal Mine Prontera Culvert
Einbroch Mine Dungeon Pyramid
Geffen Dungeon Rachel Sanctuary
Glast Heim Sphinx
Gonryun Dungeon Sunken Ship
Hidden Temple Thor Volcano Dungeon
Ice Cave Toy Factory
Turtle Island Dungeon Umbala Dungeon


Normal drops

Image Name Description Drop Chance
Strawberry juice box.png
Strawberry Juice Box Contains 50x Strawberry juice.gif Strawberry Juice. 30.00%
Green beer box.png
Green Beer Box Contains 25x Green beer.gif Green Beer. 18.00%
Blue beer box.png
Blue Beer Box Contains 25x Blue beer.gif Blue Beer. 15.00%
Image Name Description Drop Chance
Elixir box.png
Elixir Box Contains the following:
1x Elixir of fierceness.gif Elixir of Fierceness.
1x Elixir of necromancy.gif Elixir of Necromancy.
1x Elixir of stamina.gif Elixir of Stamina.
1x Elixir of vitality.gif Elixir of Vitality.
Frenetic potion box.png
Frenetic Potion Box Contains 5x Frenetic potion.gif Frenetic Potion. 8.10%
Image Name Description Drop Chance
Yoyo silver coin bag.png
Yoyo Silver Coin Bag Contains 1x ~ 5x Yoyo silver coin.gif Yoyo Silver Coin. 5.40%
Pet Taming Box.png
Pet Taming Box Contains the following:
Appealing flower.gif Appealing Flower (Hornet).
Aromatic leaf.gif Aromatic Leaf (Fabre).
Blood lust.gif Blood Lust (Familiar).
Burned dragon soul.gif 'Burned Dragon Soul (Red Petite).
Fish soup.gif Fish Soup (Baby Scatleton).
Frog soup.gif Frog Soup (Argos).
Golden dragon ball.gif Golden Dragon Ball (Gold Petite).
Grilled meat.gif Grilled Meat (Baby Leopard).
Heavenly dragon soul.gif Heavenly Dragon Soul (Sky Petite).
Honey pancake.gif Honey Pancake (Baby Zipper Bear).
Ice ball.gif Ice Ball (Baby Arctic Wolf).
Ice skin.gif Ice Skin (Siroma).
Lotus flower.gif Lotus Flower (Creamy).
Magnetic steel.gif Magnetic Steel (Elvira).
Orc medallion.gif Orc Medallion (High Orc).
Piece of wood.gif Piece of Wood (Woodie).
Rare earthworm.gif Rare Earthworm (Megalodon).
Sea stone.gif Sea Stone (Baby Kraken Leg).
Shadow entity.gif Shadow Entity (Gremlin).
Shiny star.gif Shiny Star (Aster).
Small squid.gif Small Squid (Crab).
Valor dagger.gif Valor Dagger (Dagger Goblin).
Valor shield.gif Valor Shield (Axe Kobold).
Worm shell.gif Worm Shell (Argiope).
Yellow leaf.gif Caramel (Fabre).
Field manual box.gif
Field Manual Box Contains 1x Field manual.gif Field Manual. 3.00%
Prize ore box.png
Prize Ore Box Contains 1x ~ 3x Prize ore.gif Prize Ore. 5.40%

Bonus drops

Image Name Description Drop Chance
Exp box.png
bEXP Box Gives a considerable amount of Base Experience Points depending on your level. 14.28%
Job box.png
jEXP Box Gives a considerable amount of Job Experience Points depending on your level. 14.28%
Zeny bag.png
Zeny Bag Gives a random amount of Zeny. 14.28%