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The Hero Quest is a rank-based system where players work through a series of quests to become a Hero. Once a Hero, players will start earning points to advance to the next Hero title. Each title offers bonuses that prove critical in battle.

Hero Quest is displayed on the Quest Window (Opened via Alt+U) in the Quest tab.


Heroica, the City of the Heroes.
Exile, the Kingdom of the Exiles.
Exile Tower is an increasingly difficult 24-floor instance.

In a time of strife between God, Normans, Exiles. Scarred during the gruesome war and avoiding total destruction altogether, God, Normans, and Exiles manage to enter into a war to banish Exiles from the Rune-Midgarts kingdom.

After 1,000 years of fragile and forged peace in Rune-Midgarts, the Exiles again threaten to invade.

The Hero's role is to prevent the Exiles from entering the kingdom, sowing fear and creating chaos among the people.


Becoming a Hero can be challenging as the assigned story missions can range from low to very high difficulty. Missions can be expeditions, assignments, searches, hunts, puzzles and more.

The adventure is summarized in six chapters with different stories and missions.


This is a list of commands Heroes can use in-game for their convenience.

  • @myherorank: Shows the Top 10 Heroes in the server.
  • @myherostats: Shows the status of your Hero's Kills, Points, Title and Totals.
  • @myherobonuses: Displays your Hero's Bonuses if any.
  • @myherokillcount: Displays notification of when a Monster or Hero is killed.

Characteristic Traits

The characteristic features of a Hero are its Wings, Halo, Aura and Divine Power.


The Wings are an emblematic trait of a Hero that represents the divine level and title.

Rank Wings Title Equip Location
#4 Mighty wings.gif Mighty Garment
#3 Almighty wings.gif Almighty
#2 Demigod wings.gif Demigod
#1 Godlike wings.gif Godlike


The Halo is a luminous circle placed on or around the head of a Hero that represents the divine nature.


The Aura is a visual representation of the maximum energy accumulated.

  • The Yellow Aura represents the maximum grade reached in the Godlike title.
  • The Red Aura represents the #1 Hero Rank.

Divine Power

The Divine Power is an accumulated energy that gives the bearer an extraordinary, divine and limited force.


Visual indicator upon killing 100 monsters within your level range.

Once you've become a Hero, you'll be able to earn Xpoints.png Points through assassinations.

  1. Monsters whose level is at most 20 levels below your character's level. Upon accumulating 100 kills you will earn the points corresponding to your current level.
  2. Heroes through PvP, BG and WoE. Upon accumulating 4 kills you will earn the points corresponding to your current level.
  3. Exiled Beings inside the Exile Tower. For each kill you will earn points directly, corresponding to your current level.

Facts You Should Know

  • Points can be shared within the party members. The number of points differs according to title and grade. Monster/Hero Kills can also be shared.
  • AFK-Leeching is prohibited. The player needs to be actively playing to receive points. This practice is currently regulated by an Anti-AFK system. Trying to avoid it can result in a sanction, either through partial or total loss of points and/or demotion. You can simply relog to receive points again.
  • 6 to 12 Points can be lost upon Death. Points can be lost and earned on PvE, PvM, PvP, BG and WoE.

Titles and Grades

Earning points helps you move up among the Hero titles. Each title has up to 6 grades in which you can climb to advance to the next one.

Rank Title Grades
C- C B A S S+
XP Points Required
#4 Mighty 0 - 1499
Xpoints.png Points
1500 - 2299
Xpoints.png Points
2300 - 3199
Xpoints.png Points
3200 - 4199
Xpoints.png Points
4200 - 6199
Xpoints.png Points
#3 Almighty 0 - 6199
Xpoints.png Points
6200 - 7399
Xpoints.png Points
7400 - 8799
Xpoints.png Points
8800 - 10399
Xpoints.png Points
10400 - 13599
Xpoints.png Points
#2 Demigod 0 - 13599
Xpoints.png Points
13600 - 15499
Xpoints.png Points
15500 - 17599
Xpoints.png Points
17600 - 19999
Xpoints.png Points
20000 - 24799
Xpoints.png Points
#1 Godlike 0 - 24799
Xpoints.png Points
24800 - 27599
Xpoints.png Points
27600 - 30799
Xpoints.png Points
30800 - 34399
Xpoints.png Points
34400 - 41599
Xpoints.png Points
Xpoints.png Points


Each degree of a title can grant specific bonuses and are cumulative. If a Hero is Number one6.pngRank, bonuses will double.

Rank Title Grades
C- C B A S S+
Bonuses Granted
Normal Number one6.pngRank Normal Number one6.pngRank Normal Number one6.pngRank Normal Number one6.pngRank Normal Number one6.pngRank Normal Number one6.pngRank
#4 Mighty ATK +1%
MATK +1%
ATK +2%
MATK +2%
#3 Almighty ATK +2%
MATK +2%
ATK +4%
MATK +4%
DEF +2%
MDEF +2%
DEF +4%
MDEF +4%
#2 Demigod ATK +3%
MATK +3%
ATK +6%
MATK +6%
DEF +3%
MDEF +3%
DEF +6%
MDEF +6%
MaxHP +3%
MaxSP +3%
MaxHP +6%
MaxSP +6%
#1 Godlike ATK +4%
MATK +4%
ATK +8%
MATK +8%
DEF +4%
MDEF +4%
DEF +8%
MDEF +8%
MaxHP +4%
MaxSP +4%
MaxHP +8%
MaxSP +8%
Casting Time -4% Casting Time -8%