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Housing System is a custom and unique feature of Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online that allows players to rent their own houses for 3 days. Players may be able to set a password for the houses. There are passwords for the master and guests.

Outter view
Inner view


Renting a house offers multiple services such as Warp Portal, Tool Dealer, Mail Box, and way more. At the moment there are 8 for rent and they are located in Yoyo World.


Houses can be rented at the following rates:

  • Yoyo gold coin.gif 15 Yoyo Gold Coin
  • Zeny bag2.gif 1,500,000 Z


Once you manage to rent a house, you will have access to the following services:

NPC Sprite NPC Name Function
Warp portal.gif Warp Portal Teleports players to main cities and certain dungeons that are activated continuously on a rotational basis.
Tool dealer.gif Tool Dealer Allows players to purchase commonly used items such as fly wings, butterfly wings, potions, etc.
Post box.gif Post Box Allows players to check their mailbox quicker.
Yoyo bulletin board.gif Yoyo Bulletin Board Shows any server news and displays Bounty Chest respawn time.
Bed.png Bed Cures player HP and SP at no cost.
Emergency kill switch.png Emergency Kill Switch Annihilates any living monster in the house. This can be very useful when breaking some dead branches.
Clothes rack.gif Clothes Rack Allow you to dress according to the season or festivity: Formal (Wedding), Coat (Santa Claus) or Summer (Shorts and sandals) for a short period of time.
Storage chest.png Storage Chest Allows you to access your storage at no cost , you may transfer (transferable) items to your storage, and take items in your storage out.
Mystic fruit tree.gif Mystic Fruit Tree A mysterious self-cultivating tree that can be harvested every 10 minutes and get fresh fruit from it.
Refiner.png Refiner Allows you to upgrade both weapons and armors.
Repair table.gif Repair Table Allows you to repair both weapons and armors.
Juice crafting.gif Juice Crafting Allows you to create juices of great utility to regenerate HP and SP.
Bounty chest2.gif Bounty Chest A Bounty Chest for private use that is randomly regenerated every 24 hours inside the house.