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Mining System is a custom and unique feature of Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online that allows players to find and mine minerals, ores, and stones from Minerals scattered throughout the world.


In various dungeons and maps you will find small Minerals laying around randomly. Presently there are four types of Minerals.

For you to be able to mine those minerals, you need equipment and required level of mining. There is a small chance that the Pickaxe will break down while mining.

Wayland, the Smith is located in the southwest of Yoyo World.


Each time you mine a Mineral, you'll earn experience points to reach the next level. Maximum miner level is 50. The higher the miner's level, the faster and more effective the mining will be.

  • LV: 1 – 15 = Iron.gif Iron Mineral
  • LV: 16 – 30 =Oridecon.gif Oridecon Mineral
  • LV: 31 – 45 = Elunium.gif Elunium Mineral
  • LV: 46 – 50 = Emperium.gif Emperium Mineral


The mining equipment seller is Wayland, the Smith located in Yoyo World.

Sprite Name Level Required Price Effect
SteelPickaxe.bmp Iron Pickaxe 1 – 15 10,000 Z None
OrideconPickaxe.bmp Oridecon Pickaxe 16 – 30 100,000 Z ASPD +10%
EluniumPickaxe.bmp Elunium Pickaxe 31 – 45 500,000 Z ASPD +20%
EmperiumPickaxe.gif Emperium Pickaxe 46 – 50 1,000,000 Z ASPD +30%


The more useful and valuable the item, the harder the drop rate will be.

Sprite Name Prizes
Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Iron mineral.png Iron Mineral 3carat diamond.gif
3 Carat Diamond
2carat diamond.gif
2 Carat Diamond
Mineral box.gif
Mineral Box
Oridecon mineral.png Oridecon Mineral Hd oridecon.gif
HD Oridecon
Enriched oridecon.gif
Enriched Oridecon
Oridecon bullion.gif
Oridecon Bullion
Mineral box.gif
Mineral Box
Elunium mineral.png Elunium Mineral Hd elunium.gif
HD Elunium
Enriched elunium.gif
Enriched Elunium
Elunium bullion.gif
Elunium Bullion
Mineral box.gif
Mineral Box
Emperium mineral.png Emperium Mineral Gold.gif
Prize ore.gif
Prize Ore
Gold bullion.gif
Emperium Bullion
Mineral box.gif
Mineral Box
  • Oridecon Bullion can be sold for 100,000 Zeny in game NPC shop and venders.
  • Elunium Bullion can be sold for 200,000 Zeny in game NPC shop and venders.
  • Emperium Bullion can be sold for 300,000 Zeny in game NPC shop and venders.
  • Mineral Box contains 32 different ores, stones and diamonds that can be sold at a high price or used to refine or forge new weapons.
  • 3 Prize Ores can be extracted into Prize Medal and exchanged for Hugel Minigames Rewards.


Iron Mineral Oridecon Mineral Elunium Mineral Emperium Mineral
prt_fild08 mjo_dun01 mjo_dun01 gon_dun03
einbech mjo_dun03 mjo_dun03 ra_fild03
pay_dun00 ein_dun01 ein_dun01 hu_fild05
prt_fild06 einbech hu_fild05 ra_fild02
orcsdun02 prt_maze01 orcsdun01 mjolnir_09
thor_v02 pay_fild02 orcsdun02 anthell01
prt_maze01 prt_maze03 prt_maze01 anthell02
pay_fild01 ein_fild05 pay_fild04 orcsdun02
prt_maze03 ein_fild08 prt_maze03 beach_dun
gef_fild10 gon_dun01 ein_fild08 prt_maze01
prt_fild08 thor_v02 xmas_fild01 yuno_fild04
prt_fild05 anthell01 thor_v02 prt_maze03
prt_fild06 anthell02 anthell01 ve_fild01
anthell01 mag_dun01 anthell02 ve_fild02
anthell02 mag_dun02 beach_dun ve_fild03
ice_dun01 thor_v01 mag_dun01 gon_dun02
ice_dun02 thor_v03 ve_fild01 ein_fild05
ice_dun03 ve_fild03 ve_fild02 ve_fild07
beach_dun pay_fild04 ve_fild03
prt_maze01 ice_dun01 ve_fild07
pay_fild04 ice_dun02 gefenia02
prt_maze03 ice_dun03 yuno_fild04
iz_dun01 beach_dun gef_fild10
man_fild01 yuno_fild03 gef_fild08
man_fild02 iz_dun01 pay_dun02
man_fild03 ra_fild02 hu_fild03
gefenia02 man_fild02 lou_fild01
pay_fild02 man_fild03 abyss_02
gef_fild08 abyss_01 moc_fild10
pay_dun02 abyss_02 yuno_fild08
hu_fild03 xmas_fild01 iz_dun01
lou_fild01 yuno_fild08 mjolnir_09
mag_dun01 lou_fild01 gon_dun03
mag_dun02 moc_fild10 ra_fild03
thor_v01 ra_fild03 ein_fild05
thor_v03 pay_dun02 ra_fild02
ve_fild03 ein_fild04