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Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online logo.

Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online is a Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online private server which is currently under development.

Essential Information


  • Base EXP Rate: 6x
  • Job EXP Rate: 6x
  • Quest EXP Rate: 6x
  • Item Drop Rate: 6x
  • MVP Drop Rate: 3x
  • Shiny Card Drop Rate: 0.04%
  • Miniboss Card Drop Rate: 0.01%
  • MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.01%

Other Information

  • Episode: 12
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Party Even Share: 25%
  • Multilevel: No
  • Repeatable EXP Quests: Yes (Accorn and Antelope Horn Quests are disabled)
  • Dual-Client: Yes (2 maximum)

Unique Server Features


See also : Yoyo World, Rotative Destinations, Recyclable Cards

  • Warp Portal: Only the most visited Towns and some Dungeons that are enabled in a rotating basis.
  • Yoyo Bulletin Board: Displays News, Updates or Events of the server.
  • Mailbox: Allows players to send Messages, Items, and Money to one another. It is also where Auction Halls send money from auctions that either succeeded or failed.
  • Kafra, the Employee: Provides players with certain services. These services include: Save Point and Storage.
  • Jane, the Healer: Restores the HP/SP of the player at a cost according to the number of missing points. The greater the amount of HP/SP missing, the greater the cost. Costs also differ by character level.
  • Quinn, the Skill Master: Enables Platinum Skills of players.
  • Yan, the Global Renter: Allows players to rent a Falcon, Cart and Peco.
  • Kael, the Job Changer: Allows player to advance in Jobs without having to do the job changing quest.
  • Billie, the Stylist: Customizes your Hairstyle, Hair Color, and Clothing Dye in a snap.
  • Jedrick, the Announcer: Allows you to make a Global Announcement at a specific cost.
  • Jeff, the Resetter: Resets players Skill/Stats Points and Save/Manage your character's Build.
  • Card Recycler: Allows you to exchange worthless, unused cards for points and redeem them for rewards.