Yoyo World

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Yoyo World is the capital of Yoyo Tales Ragnarok Online where you can find various helpful NPCs to help players advance in their adventure.

View of the city.
The lobby.
The store.
Rentable houses.
An area to farm.
An area to commercialize.
An area to hang out.


The city has an excellent view and incredible and beautiful places to visit and hang out. The most useful NPCs in the game are found there.


  • Warp Portal: Only the most visited Towns and some Dungeons that are enabled in a rotating basis.
  • Yoyo Bulletin Board: Displays News, Updates or Events of the server.
  • Mailbox: Allows players to send Messages, Items, and Money to one another. It is also where Auction Halls send money from auctions that either succeeded or failed.
  • Kafra, the Employee: Provides players with certain services. These services include: Save Point and Storage.
  • Jane, the Healer: Restores the HP/SP of the player at a cost according to the number of missing points. The greater the amount of HP/SP missing, the greater the cost. Costs also differ by character level.
  • Quinn, the Skill Master: Enables Platinum Skills of players.
  • Yan, the Global Renter: Allows players to rent a Falcon, Cart and Peco.
  • Kael, the Job Changer: Allows player to advance in Jobs without having to do the job changing quest.
  • Billie, the Stylist: Customizes your Hairstyle, Hair Color, and Clothing Dye in a snap.
  • Jedrick, the Announcer: Allows you to make a Global Announcement at a specific cost.
  • Jeff, the Resetter: Resets players Skill/Stats Points and Save/Manage your character's Build.
  • Hachiro, the Landlord: Allows you to rent houses for a certain period of time at a specific cost.
  • Wayland, the Miner: Provides Information and Tools for mining.
  • Card Recycler: Allows you to exchange worthless, unused cards for points and redeem them for rewards.