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  2. Bump, let's organize a list of the guilds still interested in participating in woe β€’Tip β€’
  3. 11am would be 7pm europe Wich would be fine aswell i guess 1 hour later than my suggestion But it would make it pretty late for Asia...
  4. This is not an ideal time for for woe for Europe or Asia, two very large crowds, and not good for us either. Ideal time for us is also 11AM-3PM EST -5, or 9AM-1PM server hours Preferably no later
  5. "Let's talk about War of Emperium and set a date and time for the real war to begin!" Nice discussion @YoYo . No response or feedback. Just as expected
  6. The reason i suggested saturdays is because most people don't work during the weekends. By that i mean.. if you do it on sundays.. people will have to work the next day. Wich will make it impossible for those who will have woe around midnight. And why i suggested 6pm GMT is simply because that would be the best time globally that people could play during the weekend. Morning in America, afternoon/evening in EU and not too deep at night for Asia
  7. Could be fine, nice woe time, but maybe we need some time to prepare it. What do u think if woe will begin next week? 4/19 Sunday. Server time: 13:00/14:00 or 14:00/15:00
  8. Would be madness to start WoE this week, I won't play.
  9. Hi ! we are Loading Guild in the name of all our guild +25 active players i suggest this things Beta Woe: we dont care really we suggest to start the woes in at least 2 weeks, 1 month max to be fully functional Castle: Kriemhild Ideally but any castle its ok for us. 1 Castle is ok for now Time: This is a very important matter, we understand this is an international server and time is always an issue 18:00 GMT is NOT a good option for us. That would be like 1:00 PM local time in almost all of our countries and since most of us have familys and responsabilities having woe in the middle of the day is not ideal. This might not be an issue for some players but for almost all of our guild it is.... For us it would be good to do it Saturday Night time Server time 19:00hrs, 20:00 hrs, 21:00 hrs, any time from there until midnight. In GMT time would be from 00:00 to 05:00 hrs of course this is a suggestion and we are open to discuss any option that would benefit everybody.
  10. 100% Run a beta woe. I think 6 GTM is a good time. Saturday is fine but Sunday may be better. In the beta lets try 1 castle, though I think the server can handle 2.. I think Hohenschwangau (Al de) or Fadhgridh (Prontera) would be 2 good castles to try out. TLDR: Date: 4/11 or 4/12 Time: 6 PM GTM or 2 PM EST Castle: Hohenschwangau or Fadhgridh
  11. In my honest opinion, a beta WoE to check out and nobody will keep the castle after that. A compensation prize for winning guild or even every player in that beta WoE (dude, we're spending consumables there) would do great. Obviously, winner guild gets a better prize. I don't want to sound ominous or negative, but I've seen countless servers die for a failed first WoE, so if this one is labelled as beta, nobody will complain. As for dates, times & castles, I've never been able to find any combination that suits everybody but if server's population reaches >200 unique users I'd try opening more than 1 castle at once. These can be random. Thank you!
  12. I would suggest doing one beta woe (reset straight after its finished) to test for bugs, errors and it will give a good impression to check how many players we would be and if its enough with one castle or we might need two. Regarding time, as above, around 6GTM is not bad time but I would do it on a Sunday.
  13. I suggest the pretty much basic set up you can think of. Open 1 castle only. Doesn't even matter wich one that would be.. You can rotate it every month or so if you feel like. Have War of Emperium once a week. So people have something to look forward to. Do this on saturday about 18:00 GMT. As most people will be available at this time no matter where you live.. it will be morning for America, evening in EU and around midnight in Asia. Most people will not sleep or have breakfast, lunch, dinner at this time. (I know there are always exceptional cases.. can't always please everyone unfortunately)
  14. Hello Yoyonians! Enough time has passed to be able to address the issue that concerns us all: The War of Emperium. I apologize in advance for the time it has taken us to establish the first WoE of the server, because as you know, the current circumstances have not lent themselves well enough to be able to move forward at the pace we used to, but, here we are again looking ahead, catching up and moving forward as much as we can. Let's talk about War of Emperium and set a date and time for the real war to begin! Important topics to discuss: Date Time Castle If you think it is necessary to make a beta WoE, we can carry it out to rule out any possibility of bug or error during its course. Feel free to express your desires and objective thinking.
  15. Linya

    B> Baby Leopard Card

    Let me know, if any1 got one to sell. Thanks πŸ˜†
  16. Hello Yoyonians! It's been a long and busy week for me, which is why I haven't been able to fix some bugs in time, but here they are finally. I hope you enjoy them. Client Side: The following maps camera zoom have been normalized: (update ytRO Patcher) Veins Veins Field 06 Thor Volcano 02 Abbey Dungeon 01, 02 & 03 Some pet eggs description have been updated with the new effects. (update ytRO Patcher) Server Side: Evolving Pets Familiar : Heals +10 HP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Grand Familiar : Heals +30 HP and +3 SP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Shiny Grand Familiar : Heals +40 HP and +4 SP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Earth Petite : Heals ASPD +1 Earth Ferus : Heals ASPD +2, AGI +1 Shiny Earth Ferus : Heals ASPD +3, AGI +2 Quests: Earth Worm Peeling Quest now grants 11250 Job Points instead of 1125. Server Channels: #party - #trade - #support channels are now autojoined when login. @logincmd #party - #trade - #support are now removed from the channel list. added @listenbg to general commands. Battlegrounds: Fixed the crash issue when joining/leaving or while playing battlegrounds. (Kindly confirm if it is not). Double-login is not allowed and players on dual will be automatically kicked out. Flavius TD goal is now 50 kills instead of 99. Therapist now lets you open storage whether clicking on it or when reviving. Conquest will now identify winner team as such and will grant proper points and badges. Same happens with the team loser. Stone Control is now fixed. Skills: Stop effects in GvG/WoE will now make units stop immediately. Characters stopping when inflicted by a stopping status effect (including traps like Ankle Snare and Spiderweb). All traps on the way will be activated. NPCs: Armor Enchanter is now back! Fixed an issue with Disguise Event since it was no providing accurate information about event location. Guild: Guild Extension now grants +4 for each skill up. Max Guild Members is now 56 instead of 36. Items: Gusli cannot longer be traded, dropped or sold to any NPC. Guild Pack/Starter Pack can no longer be traded, dropped or sold to any NPC. Warps: Removed warp portal to access Byalan Dungeon 05. Jane the Healer: Healer cooldown no longer refreshes when relogin. Healing cooldown is now 1:30 instead of 3 minutes.
  17. Hello Yoyonians! Rachel Sanctuary is now opened! We have just accumulated the 50,000,000z since the opening of the server. It is time to have some fun!
  18. Hello Yoyonians! Changes around here... Adjustments over there... Some pretty nice changes and implementations in this Patch Notes. Server Side: Weekend XP Event is now active! Rates: 10x/10x/6x Quest: 10x Party Happy Hour is now introduced! Party EXP Share Bonus: 50% Server Time: 03:00 to 04:00 - 09:00 to 10:00 - 15:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 22:00 Fixed a bug with Garth the Pet Evolver when trying to evolve Savage Babe, asking you for a Savage Egg instead of Savage Babe Egg. Fixed an issue with Morroc Assassin Guild Bar were NPCs were missing. Fixed an issue with Rekenber Job Quest since Scamp was missing on Izlude. Cursed Spirit Quest script updated to eliminate any possible bug. (Requires player confirmation). Missing NPCs for Hugel Minigames are now added. Removed monsters not corresponding to our current episode from Dead Branch list. Guild Storage function is now available on Kafra the Employee (Yoyo World and Prontera). Rachel Donation requirement is now 100,000,000z β‡’ 50,000,000z. Disguise Event has been implemented. Location: yoyo_w (117, 65) Rounds: 10 Prize: 2 Yoyo Coins per correct answer. Server Time: 01:00 - 03:00 - 05:00 - 07:00 - 09:00 - 11:00 - 13:00 - 15:00 - 17:00 - 19:00 - 21:00 - 23:00 Bounty Chest: Pet Taming Box drop rate is now 3% β‡’ 1% Yoyo Silver Coin Bag drop rate is now 5.40% β‡’ 10.80% Field Manual Box drop rate is now 3% β‡’ 6% Prize Ore Box drop rate is now 5.40% β‡’ 10.80% Blue Beer Box drop rate is now 15% β‡’ 30% Green Beer Box drop rate is now 18% β‡’ 36% Frenetic Potion Box drop rate is now 8.10% β‡’ 16.20% Strawberry Juice Box drop rate is now 30% β‡’ 60% Elixir Box drop rate is now 10.80% β‡’ 21.60% Jane the Healer has now 3 minutes of cooldown to prevent MvP exploit. Shiny Monsters: Monster quantity is now 5 β‡’ 3 for each map available. Respawn time is now 5 min to 7 min β‡’ 10 min to 15 min. Shiny Alices no longer respawn on Kiel Dungeon. Battlegrounds: Players requirement is now 8 β‡’ 5. Hero Quest: Requirements: Base Level 85 for 2nd Job Advanced (Rebirth). Base Level 99 for Expanded Class. NPCs: Pecker Dunner: Unlucky Emerald quest is no longer a required quest. Gertrudis: Shiny Raydric is no longer a target for Old Wedding Ring to prevent an incessant hunt for Shiny Raydric Card. Exiled Raydric is added instead. Skills: Provoke (Swordsman): Monsters that are provoked will always change target to the provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack. Commands: @petstats - will show your pet stats.
  19. give you 1M snake card pm Serch in game
  20. S>Sleeper Card, Snake Card,Damascus(2), Hypnotist staff(2) OFFER HERE
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