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  1. Hello Yoyonians! Enough time has passed to be able to address the issue that concerns us all: The War of Emperium. I apologize in advance for the time it has taken us to establish the first WoE of the server, because as you know, the current circumstances have not lent themselves well enough to be able to move forward at the pace we used to, but, here we are again looking ahead, catching up and moving forward as much as we can. Let's talk about War of Emperium and set a date and time for the real war to begin! Important topics to discuss: Date Time Castle If you think it is necessary to make a beta WoE, we can carry it out to rule out any possibility of bug or error during its course. Feel free to express your desires and objective thinking.
  2. Hello Yoyonians! It's been a long and busy week for me, which is why I haven't been able to fix some bugs in time, but here they are finally. I hope you enjoy them. Client Side: The following maps camera zoom have been normalized: (update ytRO Patcher) Veins Veins Field 06 Thor Volcano 02 Abbey Dungeon 01, 02 & 03 Some pet eggs description have been updated with the new effects. (update ytRO Patcher) Server Side: Evolving Pets Familiar : Heals +10 HP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Grand Familiar : Heals +30 HP and +3 SP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Shiny Grand Familiar : Heals +40 HP and +4 SP when killing an enemy with a magical/melee-phyiscal attacks/skills. Earth Petite : Heals ASPD +1 Earth Ferus : Heals ASPD +2, AGI +1 Shiny Earth Ferus : Heals ASPD +3, AGI +2 Quests: Earth Worm Peeling Quest now grants 11250 Job Points instead of 1125. Server Channels: #party - #trade - #support channels are now autojoined when login. @logincmd #party - #trade - #support are now removed from the channel list. added @listenbg to general commands. Battlegrounds: Fixed the crash issue when joining/leaving or while playing battlegrounds. (Kindly confirm if it is not). Double-login is not allowed and players on dual will be automatically kicked out. Flavius TD goal is now 50 kills instead of 99. Therapist now lets you open storage whether clicking on it or when reviving. Conquest will now identify winner team as such and will grant proper points and badges. Same happens with the team loser. Stone Control is now fixed. Skills: Stop effects in GvG/WoE will now make units stop immediately. Characters stopping when inflicted by a stopping status effect (including traps like Ankle Snare and Spiderweb). All traps on the way will be activated. NPCs: Armor Enchanter is now back! Fixed an issue with Disguise Event since it was no providing accurate information about event location. Guild: Guild Extension now grants +4 for each skill up. Max Guild Members is now 56 instead of 36. Items: Gusli cannot longer be traded, dropped or sold to any NPC. Guild Pack/Starter Pack can no longer be traded, dropped or sold to any NPC. Warps: Removed warp portal to access Byalan Dungeon 05. Jane the Healer: Healer cooldown no longer refreshes when relogin. Healing cooldown is now 1:30 instead of 3 minutes.
  3. Hello Yoyonians! Rachel Sanctuary is now opened! We have just accumulated the 50,000,000z since the opening of the server. It is time to have some fun!
  4. Hello Yoyonians! Changes around here... Adjustments over there... Some pretty nice changes and implementations in this Patch Notes. Server Side: Weekend XP Event is now active! Rates: 10x/10x/6x Quest: 10x Party Happy Hour is now introduced! Party EXP Share Bonus: 50% Server Time: 03:00 to 04:00 - 09:00 to 10:00 - 15:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 22:00 Fixed a bug with Garth the Pet Evolver when trying to evolve Savage Babe, asking you for a Savage Egg instead of Savage Babe Egg. Fixed an issue with Morroc Assassin Guild Bar were NPCs were missing. Fixed an issue with Rekenber Job Quest since Scamp was missing on Izlude. Cursed Spirit Quest script updated to eliminate any possible bug. (Requires player confirmation). Missing NPCs for Hugel Minigames are now added. Removed monsters not corresponding to our current episode from Dead Branch list. Guild Storage function is now available on Kafra the Employee (Yoyo World and Prontera). Rachel Donation requirement is now 100,000,000z ⇒ 50,000,000z. Disguise Event has been implemented. Location: yoyo_w (117, 65) Rounds: 10 Prize: 2 Yoyo Coins per correct answer. Server Time: 01:00 - 03:00 - 05:00 - 07:00 - 09:00 - 11:00 - 13:00 - 15:00 - 17:00 - 19:00 - 21:00 - 23:00 Bounty Chest: Pet Taming Box drop rate is now 3% ⇒ 1% Yoyo Silver Coin Bag drop rate is now 5.40% ⇒ 10.80% Field Manual Box drop rate is now 3% ⇒ 6% Prize Ore Box drop rate is now 5.40% ⇒ 10.80% Blue Beer Box drop rate is now 15% ⇒ 30% Green Beer Box drop rate is now 18% ⇒ 36% Frenetic Potion Box drop rate is now 8.10% ⇒ 16.20% Strawberry Juice Box drop rate is now 30% ⇒ 60% Elixir Box drop rate is now 10.80% ⇒ 21.60% Jane the Healer has now 3 minutes of cooldown to prevent MvP exploit. Shiny Monsters: Monster quantity is now 5 ⇒ 3 for each map available. Respawn time is now 5 min to 7 min ⇒ 10 min to 15 min. Shiny Alices no longer respawn on Kiel Dungeon. Battlegrounds: Players requirement is now 8 ⇒ 5. Hero Quest: Requirements: Base Level 85 for 2nd Job Advanced (Rebirth). Base Level 99 for Expanded Class. NPCs: Pecker Dunner: Unlucky Emerald quest is no longer a required quest. Gertrudis: Shiny Raydric is no longer a target for Old Wedding Ring to prevent an incessant hunt for Shiny Raydric Card. Exiled Raydric is added instead. Skills: Provoke (Swordsman): Monsters that are provoked will always change target to the provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack. Commands: @petstats - will show your pet stats.
  5. Hello Yoyonians! Finally the Battlegrounds have arrived to stay! In addition, the Battleground Division System is added too. Commands available: @listenbg: Allows BG map announcements. @bgranked: Displays the Top 10 Battleground Players. @bgdivision: Shows the Battleground Division on top of the player's head. It's time for some real action!
  6. Hello Yoyonians! This coming up weekend we will have another great event for everyone! This is another attempt for us to Events Date: Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15. Get ready and invite your friends! Weekend XP Event In order to favor users who have little time during the week to level up their characters, we opened again the rate increase event during the weekend. New players will also be able to experience a flattering start. Rates: 10x/10x/6x Party XP Share In an effort to promote the creation of parties on the server, we have added this new feature that consists of activating and increasing the Party Exp Share during certain intervals of the day, making it Happy Hours! Party EXP Share Bonus: 50% Server Time: 03:00 to 04:00 - 09:00 to 10:00 - 15:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 22:00. Freebies 4 Newbies For newly-joined players only. Requirements: A brand-new player. Content: | Happy Balloon (5% Bonus EXP) | Field Manual 1x (100% x 30 min EXP) | Light White Potion 100x | Light Blue Potion 100x | Token of Siegfried 10x | Kafra Card 10x | Zeny 100,000 Guild Pack For newly-joined guild leaders/members exclusively. Requirements: A brand-new guild. 10 members minimum. Create a brief guild introduction on forum Guild section: https://yoyotales.com/forum/index.php?/forum/8-guilds/ Content: | Cryptura Academy Hat (+15 HP +5 SP, 5% Bonus EXP) | Emperium 1x (Guild Leader only) | Field Manual 2x (100% x 30 min EXP) | Light White Potion 150x | Light Blue Potion 150x | Token of Siegfried 15x | Kafra Card 15x | Zeny 150,000
  7. Hello Yoyonians! A few interesting changes for all of you! It did last more than an hour but totally worh it! I hope you really enjoy these changes! Client Side: Fixed an issue with HD Oridecon and HD Elunium item icons not properly displaying. Fixed an issue with Female job costumes where they were not properly displaying in different angles. Starter map graphics updated and beautified. New Cash Shop items available on "New" tab. Server Side: Donation Costumes rates have been adjusted. Rachel Donation is now 500,000,000z ⇒ 100,000,000z. Fixed a bug where TaeKwon, Alchemist and Blacksmith rankings were not updating in real-time. Fixed a bug with Crusader Job Change Quest where NPCs were not properly identifying Rosary item. Fixed a bug with Poring Race where porings were stuck before, during or after race. Event script has been updated to avoid any further issue. Jeff, the Resetter as of now grants a free pass to reset either skill, stats or both per character for one time only. After that, he will charge the normal fee. Commands enabled: @whereis @whosell Seyra, the Gift Giver has been relocated to Training Grounds Bridge. Ingame channels have suffered the following changes: #main: main (without -en) channel is back! And everyone will automatically enter upon logging in. #main-es for spanish speakers still exist. #party: exclusive channel for you to promote parties! @logincmd added #party to the list. removed #main from the list. Daily Login Rewards; Number of mins after logging before collecting prize 120 ⇒ 60. Time before losing the consecutive reward 24 hrs ⇒ 1 week. NPCs: Warp Portal has been added to all Towns. Jane, the Healer has been added to all Towns. Juice Crafting has been added for you to create delicious juices! Sygr, the PvP Warper has been added to Yoyo World. It's time for some PvP action!
  8. Hello Yoyonians! The new client contains some corrections of graphics, missing sprites, inhibited text characters, costume sprites that were not seen from certain angles, among other changes and additions. It is important for you to replace your current ytRO Folder with these files to avoid any issues in-game. ytRO Lite Client - version 1.1 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i-_w063V247UdnUTvljKoiMtZge4zbrZ/view Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uv2o8hu7kt1eqae/ytRO_Lite_Client_v1.1.rar/file MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!ENgBxLLa!wB2uBOc-Uva8fO1rSOi0vP3aeTkRlUUY1HcEc7H0lUU OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alkjk_u8fga9gswefvDrDmdlr4bryA?e=f15YOG ytRO Full Client - version 1.1 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lQ9CFQmfdQSndWg6tu-goRfyBQQN0ouz/view OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alkjk_u8fga9gsxdd3ABsm-fZfSnXw?e=eHV2NN Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gvilvyefvbxehi5/ytRO_Full_Client_v1.1.rar/file
  9. Hello Yoyonians! A few interesting changes for all of you! This brief maintenance I know was unexpected but it didn't last more than 2 minutes. I hope you really enjoy them. Server Side: Starting members for a new Guild is now 10 ⇒ 16 as it formerly was. Added members slots for each "Guild Expansion" skill point is now 2 ⇒ 4. Poem of Bragi skill cast time reduction no longer stack additively with global cast time reductions. Fixed an issue where warps to access Brasilis Fields were not activated. Fixed a bug where Man in Anguish NPC for Crusader Job Change Quest was not recognizing the Rosary item when eqquiped. Morroc Assassin Guild Bar for Curse of Gaebolg quest is now enabled. Geffenia Entrance Access (The Sign Quest) is now enabled. Ingame channels have suffered the following changes: #main-en: english language only. #main-es: spanish language only. #trade: for in-game commerce. | channel color text has changed to a light red color. #support: for in-game immediate assistance. @logincmd has now new features! It is now possible to administrate the auto-join to the server channels!
  10. Hello Yoyonians! It's Open Invitation for Everyone! This weekend we have something quite special for all of you, but more than anything, for the new players who wish to start their adventure with us! We will be offering a rate increase event, as well as the delivery of freebies to single players or groups of friends. We will also encourage new guilds to make Yoyo Tales their home. Event Dates: Saturday, February 29 and Sunday, March 1. Rates: Base/Job EXP increase to 9x/9x/6x. Starter Pack: For every solo player or in group of friends. | Beginner Hat 1x (5% Bonus EXP) | Field Manual 2x (50% x 30 min EXP) | Strawberry Juice 50x | Green Beer 25x | Token of Siegfried 5x | Kafra Card 5x | Zeny 50,000 Guild Pack: New guilds and their members. | Beginner Hat 1x (5% Bonus EXP) per member | Emperium 1x guild leader. | Field Manual 2x (50% x 30 min EXP) per member. | Strawberry Juice 100x per member | Green Beer 50x per member | Token of Siegfried 10x per member | Kafra Card 10x per member | Zeny 100,000 per member Tell your friends about it!
  11. Hello Yoyonians! Small but important changes. I also want to let you know that we will start a very strong advertising campaign, and this weekend we will have something really attractive ready for you, more than anything else aimed at attracting new players and possible new guilds. We will give you more information later. Server Side Character deletion is now immediate and requires e-mail address for confirmation. Initial Guild Space is now back to 10 ⇒ 16 as it was officially. Dead Branch usage in Yoyo World has been disabled. EXP Penalty in Yoyo World has been disabled. @refresh command has been enabled. Idle members in party will not receive EXP after 2 ⇒ 5 minutes. Missing warps to access Fields in Brasilis have been added. Amatsu spawn area is now fixed on Warp Portal NPC Hero Quest Wedding Ring drop rate from Shiny Raydric is now 1% ⇒ 5%. Shiny Monsters Fixed an issue where Shiny Monsers were taking much longer than expected to respawn. Skills Now players can skip menu when casting the skill Teleport level 1.
  12. Hello Yoyonians! Some of you have wondered at some point how the services of our Reset NPC really work and the truth is that it is very simple but complicated at the same time. Currently, it requires Hero Tokens, a obtainable item while being a Hero, implicitly suggests that you will have to be Hero in order to receive these services. The idea at first was good, but really, the desire to be a Hero is beyond the need to restore your status points or skills. Because of the aforementioned, you will be given the possibility to acquire this service at your convenience, being the following, the final result: Services and Cost First, Second and Expanded Classes Reset Status: 35 Yoyo Silver Coin and 600,000z Reset Skills: 35 Yoyo Silver Coin and 600,000z Reset Both: 50 Yoyo Silver Coin and 1,000,000z Trascendent Second Class Reset Status: 35 Yoyo Gold Coin and 600,000z Reset Skills: 35 Yoyo Gold Coin and 600,000z Reset Both: 50 Yoyo Gold Coin and 1,000,000z Location Located at Yoyo World (yoyo_w, 279, 109)
  13. Hello Yoyonians! I've been hearing about the problem of memorizable maps in the skill Warp Portal for some time now. I took the time to research your views on the memo-able areas, especially comparing them to our current restrictions and those of iRO and they are disagreeing quite a bit. The current settings for the "nomemo" mapflag are default by the rAthena developers, however, after doing the necessary analysis, the following conclusion is reached and therefore, the following result: What is expected? So that you have a better reserve of memorable fields and your move to different areas can be facilitated, in addition to those already available through the Rotative Destinations. Miniboss/MVP fields will remain disabled. Unblocked Fields: Blocked Fields: All places where Miniboss/MVP have their respawn.
  14. Hello Yoyonians! Meet the newest NPC named Vyk, the Coin Trader. Vyk, came to Yoyo World to trade with all those adventurers looking for supplies to take their training to a higher level. NPC Currency: Yoyo Silver Coins NPC Rewards: NPC Location: NPC is located at Yoyo World. (yoyo_w, 211, 101)
  15. Hello Yoyonians! Now that we are fixing the bugs that are being reported, and their number has ceased, we give ourselves the opportunity to introduce a small automatic event to add more entertainment to your day! It is a well-known event that give coins as rewards. Event Schedule: 00:00 - 02:00 - 04:00 - 06:00 - 08:00 - 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00 - 18:00 - 20:00 - 22:00 - 24:00 (Server Time). Event Reward: x10 Yoyo Silver Coins Event Location: NPC is located at Yoyo World. (yoyo_w, 132, 81) Go ahead and place your bets!
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