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  1. Crussio

    Poring Event!!!

    Hello Yoyonians! This sunday we will host: Kill the Poring event!! You will need to smash this cute little buddies to obtain consumable items, Exp Boost Manuals and Yoyo Coins!! 3 Of them Have cute costume headgear!! But be aware, the poring boss will hate to see their little minions die, so perhaps you have to fight for your life. You can check event time in your country here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200301T190000&p1=141&p2=155&p3=188&p4=232&p5=225&p6=136 Good Luck and let's Smash Some Porings!!!
  2. Hello Yoyonians!! The community is growing! And some of you want to boost economy and sell some of your items. For the moment there's no special Market Area designed, and the merchants are in Yoyo World near to the Tool Dealer and Yoyo Bulletin Board. So we temporarily designated a Market Area in Yoyo World. On the right bottom of the map, next to Jedrick The Announcer. Starting from today you will have to place your shop on this part of Yoyo World. Remember to respect spaces between merchant and please do not cover other players stores. Merchant with random shops on the side walk of the city will be Disconected. Since there are already merchants with @trade On, you will have until 02/28/2020 To relocate your shop. Thank You So Much For Your Support!! ❤️
  3. Crussio

    Donation Hat.

    Hello Yoyonians!! Since all of you asked, here we have all the costume headgears you can buy via Cash Shop!. We remind you all of the items are costume. So they dont give any buffs or stats. Thank you so much for your support. ❤️ Hats: Hoodies: Mouth Slot: Books: Weapons: SETS:
  4. Hello Yoyonians!! We are here to announce the Loading Screen event winners!. We selected the winners based on the poll result and, the opinions of all GameMasters. Thank all of you. ❤️ Winners Are: 1st Place: Sushiroll and Hirako 2nd Place: Hades 3rd Place: Cerberus Participation prize: Ralky 5 Yoyo Coin Thank all of you for all of your support!. The winners can Pm Me or another Gm Ingame to claim the pizes.
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