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  1. 11am would be 7pm europe Wich would be fine aswell i guess 1 hour later than my suggestion But it would make it pretty late for Asia...
  2. The reason i suggested saturdays is because most people don't work during the weekends. By that i mean.. if you do it on sundays.. people will have to work the next day. Wich will make it impossible for those who will have woe around midnight. And why i suggested 6pm GMT is simply because that would be the best time globally that people could play during the weekend. Morning in America, afternoon/evening in EU and not too deep at night for Asia
  3. I suggest the pretty much basic set up you can think of. Open 1 castle only. Doesn't even matter wich one that would be.. You can rotate it every month or so if you feel like. Have War of Emperium once a week. So people have something to look forward to. Do this on saturday about 18:00 GMT. As most people will be available at this time no matter where you live.. it will be morning for America, evening in EU and around midnight in Asia. Most people will not sleep or have breakfast, lunch, dinner at this time. (I know there are always exceptional cases.. can't always please everyone unfortunately)
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