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Dual Clenting Policies: [AFK-Leech, AFK-Farm & Auto-Follow]

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Hello Yoyonians!

This topic opens to explain the policies of use of Dual Clienting. A few days ago, users in Discord channels discussed the reason for its prohibition, as well as the pros and cons of inhibiting it. While it is true that identifying and enforcing justice on those who do not adhere to the rules and guidelines of Dual Clienting can be a difficult and tedious job (and even impossible when the population is quite large), the consequences of locating someone doing so can be critical, resulting in a first-stay account ban.

The purpose of all this regulation of Dual Clienting is to promote the excursion in groups (Party) mainly, as well as to return the utility and importance to Jobs like Priest, Sage, Bard, that generally are used as secondary characters to take advantage of their buffs.

The function, modifications and adjustments that have been made and that are established as definitive will be explained below:

a0384032_18350794.gif Party Boost:

  • Additional experience bonus given per party-member involved on even-share party: 20%

 blinking_arrow.gif Dual Clienting:

  • Definition: Call Dual-Clienting the act of opening two clients and using them simultaneously for diverse tasks.
  • Allowance:  yes 
        Only 2 Clients are allowed to be opened simultaneously.
        It is not allowed during WoE, BG or Server Events.
  • o0015001514323491270.gif Penalty:  If multi-clienting, sanction can go from jail to temporary or permanent account ban depending on abuse.

1421219293-2357295658.gif Auto-Leech:

  • Definition: Call Auto-Leech the act in which a player leeches a secondary character using the primary character as the leecher, leaving the secondary character inactive or in auto-follow.
  • Allowance:  yes

1421219293-2357295658.gif AFK-Farm:

  • Definition: Call AFK-Farming the act in which a player farms items inactively by using bot, scripts, third-party programs or simply afking. Most usually seen on Alchemist class.
  • Allowance:  no
  • a0198521_2053562.gif Prevention: AFK-Farming is currently regulated through battle configuration in which @autoloot is disabled on homunculus if monster is killed only by it. Also, idle characters cannot receive autoloot.
  • o0015001514323491270.gif Penalty:  Sanction can go from jail to temporary or permanent account ban depending on abuse.

1421219293-2357295658.gif Auto-Follow:

  • Definition: Call Auto-Follow the act in which a character follows another character automatically, through shortcuts, with the intend of leech, or self-support the character followed.
  • Allowance:  yes
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